Written By: Bonnie Bubeck

This is a difficult time. The world is riddled with anxiety, fear, and a deadly disease that has radically interrupted the daily life of nearly everything and everyone. So, for the whole month of April, The Porkchop Express presents: THE QUARANTINE STREAM, a 30 day series designed to help shine a light on a film that is worthy of your time and might very well be the distraction you need. In an effort to keep it fresh, we will be alternating between the big three services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu) and trying to keep the choices as varied as possible.

On Day Six, we are joined by old friend and new contributor, Bonnie with an award-winning drama that takes a look at a period not so long ago that sadly mirrors our own: the AIDS crisis. Now available on Netflix!

Philadelphia (1993)

I was out on my deck the other day getting my vitamin D, when I read an article that stated that Gen-X’ers (those born between 1965-1980) seem to be handling the current pandemic a lot better then other than other nicknamed generations. I didn’t make it to the end of the article before I knew the answer as to why, and started to cry. Imagine a pandemic that breaks out, people are dying across the country and the world, and no one does anything about it. A pandemic ignored. And you watch as your friends are dying, from cancer and pneumonia. A world that is prejudice and turns its collective eyes away from the deaths. It becomes scary because no one knows how people are catching it. In 1982, it was called GRID. By the end of the year, the CDC agrees with a Washington meeting of gay-community leaders and it gets its name which will paralyze the world in fear: AIDS. Now it’s 2020. The count as of date is 35 million dead, 75 million living with it, and in Africa, 61% of deaths are AIDS related. And I attended way too many funerals of those who died because the world did nothing.

1993’s release of Philadelphia starring Tom Hanks as a discriminated lawyer who is fired from his job because of his HIV-positive status, and Denzel Washington is the ambulance chasing lawyer who defends him. It is a foreshadowing performance by Hanks, letting the world know that he is going to be a great actor of the age, but Washington gives a performance, to this day, is this writers favorite (try to get through the opera scene without crying) and one of the finest examples of true, pure acting. Eye opening for the world. As a survivor of the pandemic that still is killing, my recommendation is this: stay the fuck home. Learn a new hobby. Read a book. Call your mother and ask her how she’s doing. Follow the rules. 6 feet apart from others. Wash your hands. Wear a mask, even if it’s a handkerchief. And stay the fuck home. One month of your life is a small price to pay to help save the world.


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