Written By: Daniel Kinsley

This is a difficult time. The world is riddled with anxiety, fear, and a deadly disease that has radically interrupted the daily life of nearly everything and everyone. So, for the whole month of April, The Porkchop Express presents: THE QUARANTINE STREAM, a 30 day series designed to help shine a light on a film that is worthy of your time and might very well be the distraction you need. In an effort to keep it fresh, we will be alternating between the big three services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu) and trying to keep the choices as varied as possible.

For Day Fourteen, check out this original indie crime-tinged rom-com. Now available on Netflix.

Tramps (2016)

Netflix has a reputation for producing a ton of content these days, but they also have a habit of burying a lot of their original productions. Look no further than Adam Leon’s second feature, a romantic comedy masquerading as a light crime caper in a ’70s inspired NYC. While the meet-cute between Danny (Callum Turner) and Ellie (Grace Van Patten) involves a mystery suitcase and a screwed-up exchange, the criminal element largely takes a backseat, eschewing the potential for a thriller into something much looser and a whole lot sweeter. Think of a Woody Allen set romance with just a dash of Coen Brothers level criminals. If it sounds a bit too much like a typical Sundance drama, trust in the sharp writing and natural charm of the two leads to push this one toward the top of the queue.


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