Written By: François-Noël Vanasse

This is a difficult time. The world is riddled with anxiety, fear, and a deadly disease that has radically interrupted the daily life of nearly everything and everyone. So, for the whole month of April, The Porkchop Express presents: THE QUARANTINE STREAM, a 30 day series designed to help shine a light on a film that is worthy of your time and might very well be the distraction you need. In an effort to keep it fresh, we will be alternating between the big three services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu) and trying to keep the choices as varied as possible.

For Day Seventeen, check out this semi-autobiographical film written by Shia Laboeuf. Now available on Amazon Prime.

Honey Boy (2019)

Bill Murray once said that everyone who becomes famous becomes an ass for about two years and you’ve got to give them at least that long to get their heads on straight. His is a quote about the confusing intoxicating nature of celebrity. But it’s also about second chances, and I’m excited to say one of my favourite actors might be earning his. Shia Labeouf has been a piece of my life since about 2000 when the Disney Channel show Even Stevens took off. Most people probably took notice of him when he began starring in the Michael Bay Transformers franchise about seven years later. Labeouf, not a trained actor, has idiosyncrasies which can make it difficult for him to truly disappear into a role. For a while he was one of the few actors of whom I could confidently say I’d seen everything in their filmography. A series of behind-the-scenes troubles with DUIs, rehab, and a retreat into performance artist fare made it difficult to keep up with. But I’ve rewatched Constantine (2005) more times than that movie deserves, still think Holes (2003) is a treasure, and will always have vivid memories of the first time I saw The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005). Last year Labeouf popped up on a lot of radars again with the success of Peanut Butter Falcon which has hopefully earned this kid enough goodwill to put him back on top. I don’t know what kind of actor Shia Labeouf will end up becoming, but if this script and movie is any indication it’s going to be somebody thoughtful and heartfelt. And we can always use more of those. Honey Boy is a semi-autobiographical film conceived as a therapeutic exercise which details Labeouf’s troubled relationship with his drug-addicted father as a child and his coming to grips with that trauma as a young adult. The kids playing not-quite Shia in this movie are so excellent at capturing his energy. 


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