Written By: Daniel Kinsley

This is a difficult time.  The world is riddled with fear, anxiety, and a deadly disease that has radically interrupted the lives of nearly everyone and everything. So, for the whole month of April, The Porkchop Express presents THE QUARANTINE STREAM, a 30 day series designed to shine a light on a film that is worthy of your time and might very well be the distraction you need. In an effort to keep it fresh, we will be alternating between the big three services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu) and trying to keep the choices as varied as possible.

It has been a pleasure folks, and as we land on our final day, it is the hope of our team that you found something to enjoy along the way, and that you and your loved ones are healthy and sane.

Without further ado, take a trip into a strange world for Day Thirty with a science-fiction mind-bender, now available on Hulu/Amazon Prime, and a bonus selection!

Coherence (2013)

When it comes to certain genres, sometimes less is more. While budgetary constraints may seem like a handicap, creative filmmakers will find a way to utilize the viewers imagination instead. Writer-director James Byrkit took this approach to the next level, originally envisioning an improvised drama before adding a science fiction element, and then shot without even a script! It is fairly remarkable, then, that the film is not only…coherent, but actually quite good. It is centered around a dinner party which is interrupted by a series of strange occurrences after the nearby passing of a comet. That is all you will get from us, but suffice to say if you are a fan of brainy science-fiction, or mysteries, you will dig this one. It is essentially like a 90 minute episode of The Twilight Zone, and in these strange days we find ourselves living in, what could be more appropriate?

WITH SPECIAL GUEST: Groundhog Day (1993)

Available on Netflix

What can be said about this movie that has not already been said by this writer, or on this site? It is that rare beast: a perfect film, and there is arguably no better time since it was released to watch it for the first time, or simply to revisit, since we are all living Phil Connors’ (Bill Murray) existential nightmare to some degree right now. Trust me.


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